Best Web Hosting Website Templates

Are you looking for a website template for your web hosting business? If so, check the following list of the best web hosting website templates that we have put together for you. Do you need help customizing your hosting template? We can help. See our web design packages. UpHosting UpHosting – a powerful and passionately carved Hosting Template. It has a fantastic balance between a lovely design and lot of


The Best Marketing Podcasts You Should Listen To

Are you looking for marketing podcasts? If so, check the following list of the best marketing podcasts that you can listen to in order to learn and master online marketing. The Pickaweb Business Podcast The Pickaweb Business School Podcasts is a great marketing podcast ideal for those starting out online. Get online, get found and get more customers! Tony Messer, Founder & CEO of UK web hosting business shares


List of The Top Social Media Influencers

Are you looking for online influencers? If so, please check this awesome list of the top social media influencers. Top Social Media Influencers You Need to Follow  Gary Vaynerchuk Gary is one of the best social media influencers. He is the CEO and co-founder of VaynerMedia Here are his social follower statistics: Instagram followers: 2.7 M Facebook followers: 2.5 M Twitter followers: 1.61 M LinkedIn article followers: 1.4 M YouTube subscribers:


Best Wedding Website Templates

Are you looking to build a wedding website? Check our list of recommended wedding templates that you can use. Do you need help customizing the template?  We can help. See our web design solutions. Rayan wedding planner Rayan Wedding Planner-is a great looking theme ideal for wedding agencies. You can customize the template to suit your requirements. It is fully responsive, which means that it will display correctly on all major


Best Gym Website Templates

Are you looking for a gym website template? See our selection of the best templates that you can use to build your gym website. Do you need help customizing the template?  We can help. See our web design services. Gym Nice and modern looking template ideal for a gym. You can easily create your own website and customize it with the drag-drop website creator. FITUP   Fitup is a great looking


How Can I Sell My Products Online? Quick Guide

Sell your products using the internet

In this post I will explain how you can easily sell your products online. Selling products online is something a number of people are beginning to do to earn some extra income. In some cases this is cash on the side of a person’s main job, and in others, people are becoming so successful at selling that they are able to leave their current jobs. How Do I Sell My


What is SEO? – Search Engine Optimisation Explained!

SEO Explained

SEO is an acronym that is short for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a marketing technique that focuses on growing a site’s visibility in organic search engine results. Both technical and creative elements are required in SEO to help a site rank higher for particular keywords and phrases. As you might have gathered, there is an array of aspects to SEO, starting from the content of your pages through to


How To Submit My Website To The Search Engines?

Guide to submitting a website to the search engines

In this post I will show you how to submit your website to the search engines. No modern website can afford to ignore the importance of search engines. They offer you the very best way to direct more traffic to your website, and that can be done without spending money. If you want organic traffic flowing to your website each and every day, search engines will need to be at


What is the cost of a website? – Explained

How much does it cost to have a website built

In this post I will give you an idea of the costs invoilved in getting a website up and running. There’s no doubt about it; every business needs a website, it’s as simple as that. 20 years ago, plenty of businesses ran effectively without websites, but today, things have changed, and you can no longer launch a business without a website. Well, you can do, but your chances of success


Why Is My Website Not Listed Or Showing In Google? (How to Fix it)

Reasons why a website is not appearing or showing in Google

Is your website not showing in Google? I will explain the reasons why your site not appearing in the Google search results and how to fix it. After spending a lot of money on having a smart, stylish, and professional website designed, you are concerned to find that it’s not listed or showing up in Google. Have you done something wrong with your site? Was your web designer not as