10 Ways to Promote Your Business for Free

If you’re a business owner on a budget, you can still make the most of your company.
Believe it or not, marketing does not have to be super expensive. In fact, it can be quite cheap when you get it right.
If you want to get the word out there, without breaking the bank, you need a few free techniques.
Here are some ways to promote your business without spending a thing!

1. Contribute articles to publications

Are you an expert in your field? For example, if you run a pub, do you have in-depth knowledge of the world of beer? If you do, you could contribute articles to a local publication. You give the publication some of your knowledge, and they will mention the name of your pub in your byline.

2. Send out press releases every so often

When something changes in your company, you need to let the world know about it. Now and then, you need to send out press releases about your business. Aim to send a new release out every month. You will need to get the email address of local journalists. Write a simple account of the developments and send it out.

3. Host competitions via social media

People love getting something for nothing. If you want to engage with people online, why not run a competition? That way, you will see that people ‘like’ and ‘share’ your posts all the time. You will need to award people with a small prize when you run a competition. When you give the prize to the lucky winner, tell them to put a picture of it online and tag you. The more publicity you can get, the better.

4. Send your loyal customers emails

E-marketing should not cost a fortune. You can pay big agencies a fortune to take care of this aspect of your business, but why bother? Instead, you should send out emails yourself. Get your customers to write down their emails on a chart and start keeping them updated about new events etc.

5. Start a refer a friend policy

If you want to gain a broad customer base fast, there is one simple trick you can use. All you should do is ask people to refer a friend. When they do so, you will need to reward them. You might want to give them a small discount or some free products. That way, they will give you loads of references, and you will get new custom.

6. Get a listing on Google+ Local

Do you already have a Google+ Local listing? If the answer is no, you’re missing a trick. That means that when people search for your premises in the Maps function, they will also find info. You can ensure that they see reviews and details about your business here.

7. Go to networking sessions (and shine)

Networking sessions tend to be free, and they are an excellent way to market your company. When you attend a session, ensure that you have some well-designed business cards. You should show people what you do, rather than just telling them. Take examples of your work (your portfolio) and let people browse it. Ensure that you are both approachable and informative.

8. Make viral marketing videos

You could pay a fortune for professional video marketing, but these days virals work just as well. If you have ever watched a funny cat video or a flash mob clip, you will know just what we mean. If you can capture something that will excite people, you can use it to market your company. Upload the video to YouTube and Facebook. You should tag yourself in it or even add your official branding to the clip.

9. Start a blog on your site

If you don’t have a blog on your website, you’re missing an opportunity. The more you write about your company, the more exposure you will get. Remember, every time you publish a blog, it links back to your site. That means that if you can gain readers, you can gain customers too. Write informative pieces that engage people. If your blog post is shareable, you can expand your online reach in no time.

10. Use free listings as much as you can

Finally, you need to take advantage of any free listing sites or online publications. These sites let anyone post a listing, and so nothing could be easier. Spend an afternoon posting your listing everywhere and anywhere you can. Doing so will improve your SEO and get you extra exposure.

Now that you know these killer techniques, why wait? Start marketing your business for free right now!

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