Build High Quality Links with 5 Proven Methods

The importance of high quality linnks


Links are an important part of any SEO and factors of Google ranking. There are different methods for building links which are present. Out of the several methods, 5 of the proven methods are mentioned here:

# 1 – Build a broken or dead link

This is a method which is widely used. It starts with finding a dead or broken link and then recreating the content of the link which is also dead.

After the recreation of the dead content and link, any person who is connecting to the dead link would be redirected to the new and active version of the link that was created.

This is one of the easiest and most common methods of link building services where people search for the dead link over the internet and recreate the dead an increases the traffic of those sites.

#2 – Write guest blogs

Another method of building quality links is to write for guest posts. Links can be earned through the content that is written which depends on the guidelines of the website.

A site needs to be searched for which the guest post has to be written along with the topic on which the post and content will be written.

After deciding the topic, the idea will be shared with the client who will then accept or reject the idea. If the idea is accepted, the post will be written and the content will be shared.

#3 – Convert the mentions unlinked into links

This method helps to convert the unlinked mentions of certain brands into active links.

A mention which unlinked need to be found. The brand owner has to be contacted so that the brand can be made clickable or active by redirecting the link to the active site.

This has two benefits, one is that the link is made active and secondly the brand mention will be able to spread and therefore the link will incur more traffic.

This method is quite simple and beneficial in the several methods of link building.

#4 – Build content that would inspire viral sharing

Creating a content which can inspire and motivate to make it viral is one of the most proven methods of link building.

This method is like baiting the audience into naturally building the link by sharing the content in a vast manner.

The content has to be useful for the audience for it to be viral in a huge manner. High-quality content would automatically be shared by people and help to build the link.

#5 – Building a company blog with attractive resource

This method is a mixture of converting unlinked mentions and building good content. In this method, the unlinked mention would be linked to your link which would be filled with informative and entertaining content about the brand which will help to attract a huge base of traffic.

This is a recommended method which can help in both ways and build a strong link.

These 5 methods are highly proven to build quality kinks for users so that they are able to attract traffic in those links.

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