Social Media Stories: Best Way To Market Your Business

Back in 2017, Facebook, Skype and YouTube all introduced the “story” formula of social media. In a short span of time, these small pieces of content have become a sensation with social media users. Even though the name “stories” may seem deceptive, as these stories have less written content and their primary part is about visual elements, like photos, videos and stickers than text-based stories. Social media stories are now


How To Write An Email To Get More Reviews

Get more reviews with email

  The opinions of customers can help other users who are looking at a product to decide if it is worth buying it or not. If the opinions are positive, it can translate into a significant increase in sales for the store, so it makes sense that you want to encourage feedback from your customers. Opinions are a fundamental marketing tool since they are seen by other users as authentic


7 Advanced Content Promotion Techniques for 2019

In this post you’re going to learn how to promote your content in 2019. In fact: These are the exact strategies I use to promote my content. And today I’m going to show you how to do it. Here are the tactics you’ll learn about in this ultimate guide. Write In-Depth Content Perform an SEO Audit of Your Website Blogger Outreach Broken Link Building Guest Posting Infographic Marketing Skyscraper Technique


3 Google SEO Penalties to Learn From

Being hit with a Google penalty isn’t the sweetest thing that can happen to your web business or for anyone else’s. It often comes as a shock and it takes time for someone to recover from it. And to add insult to the injury the SEO firm who you trusted with loads of money and hours of time spent in discussions and report-reading just cheated you out of your stable


5 Simple Ways To Optimize The Technical Side Of Your SEO

At this point, you probably already know what SEO is and what it stands for. Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to rank your website higher and generate extra and organic traffic – for free. This, combined with a great content marketing strategy can make your website stand out and make your customers fall in love with your website. But if you really want to step up


3 Clever Strategies for Marketing Your Startup on a Tight Budget

Low cost marketing strategies that you can use

You’ve launched your startup, congrats! The next step is building brand awareness and enticing in those crucial new customers. As a startup business, you know that marketing is key to driving growth, but you’re also strapped for cash. Even when you’re backed by an investor, you still need to make sure that every penny counts. Yet, marketing is crucial to driving your success. The good news is that’s it possible


Build High Quality Links with 5 Proven Methods

The importance of high quality linnks

  Links are an important part of any SEO and factors of Google ranking. There are different methods for building links which are present. Out of the several methods, 5 of the proven methods are mentioned here: # 1 – Build a broken or dead link This is a method which is widely used. It starts with finding a dead or broken link and then recreating the content of the


Submit Guest Post To Marketing Blog MaximaLocal

Submit a Guest Post to Marketing Blog Maxima Local

Submit a Guest Post To Marketing Blog MaximaLocal At MaximaLocal we are currently accepting guest posts. If you are looking to get exposure on our Marketing blog do get in touch. Please check our guidelines below. We Accept Guest Posts On the Following Topics Marketing Digital Marketing Content Marketing Social Media E-commerce Apps Copywriting SEO Local SEO Our Guest Post Guidelines Content must be good quality and unique Content must


Best Web Hosting Website Templates

Are you looking for a website template for your web hosting business? If so, check the following list of the best web hosting website templates that we have put together for you. Do you need help customizing your hosting template? We can help. See our web design packages. UpHosting UpHosting – a powerful and passionately carved Hosting Template. It has a fantastic balance between a lovely design and lot of


The Best Marketing Podcasts You Should Listen To

Are you looking for marketing podcasts? If so, check the following list of the best marketing podcasts that you can listen to in order to learn and master online marketing. The Pickaweb Business Podcast The Pickaweb Business School Podcasts is a great marketing podcast ideal for those starting out online. Get online, get found and get more customers! Tony Messer, Founder & CEO of UK web hosting business shares