How Can I Sell My Products Online? Quick Guide

Sell your products using the internet

In this post I will explain how you can easily sell your products online.

Selling products online is something a number of people are beginning to do to earn some extra income. In some cases this is cash on the side of a person’s main job, and in others, people are becoming so successful at selling that they are able to leave their current jobs.

How Do I Sell My Products Online? Where Do I start?

Selling online gives you access to a much wider audience than if you were to simply sell at a physical location.

You could make money selling in a shop or even at a market stall, but you’ll always make far more money when you sell online. More people can search for you and find you, and that’s why many people are beginning to realize what a lucrative opportunity this is.

There’s absolutely no shortage of places to begin selling your products online. You need to select the place that is likely to attract your target audience, and a place that suits your brand.

For example, people who like to sell handmade items and vintage clothing usually use Etsy.

People who want to sell second hand items or unique one off items may use Depop.

People who have bought items in bulk to sell may choose Amazon or Ebay.

These places are called online ‘marketplaces’ and are great for those just starting out. You just need to consider who your audience are, the fees associated with using the site to sell, and anything else that could affect the decision that you make.

You could even potentially set up a website where people view your products only. You have two options here: hosted, and self-hosted. Self hosted is usually the best option for this, as you have far more freedom. You can choose how you want it to look, and have full control over your website. That being said, you also need to make the improvements necessary, spend time on maintenance, and spend a little money to start your site.

Some people like to use a hosted site like Shopify to sell their products, which is much like renting a space. These platforms are usually easy to use, even for those who are just starting out. When it comes to self hosting, platforms like Woocommerce are popular. The only downside with doing that when just starting out is that the code can be difficult to understand, and it can be expensive to manage.

There are many price variations, pros, and cons to each option here. It’s up to you to do the research and decide what suits your business and your brand right now.

There are some platforms you can use that will work well alongside your main chosen platform.

Use Social Media To Sell Your Products Online

Facebook is a good site to sell. Not only are there usually selling pages dedicated to local areas, there’s now Facebook Marketplace, that makes it even easier to sell your goods. Twitter and Pinterest may not be as good for selling your products, but they are great for spreading the word. All it takes is a few re-tweets or pins, and you could get so much more exposure.

Create Videos To Show How To Use Your Products

There’s a massive audience on sites like YouTube, which is why creating product videos to show people how to use your product can be so powerful. This type of content is largely underrated, and can be utilised by just about anybody to share information in a fun and fast way. You may also be able to get the attention of members of your audience who may not have found you otherwise.

Importance of Getting Reviews

Reviews not only help to drive traffic to your selling pages, they can also encourage somebody to make a purchase when they get there.

You can have reviews on your main pages, as well as on external sites. The important thing to remember is that your reviews should be genuine, and not created by you or fake people.

You shouldn’t attempt to bribe people for reviews either. If a company has 100% 5 star reviews, it can usually look pretty suspicious and people will know that something is up.

It might surprise you to know that it can actually be helpful to people not to read 100% 5 star reviews. They find it easier to make a decision on whether to buy, and it makes your business look more genuine when there’s a few neutral or even negative reviews in there. Just work hard to ensure that the majority of your reviews are positive!

Giving Away Your Products For Free

Giving away free stuff can be a brilliant way to get new customers. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Maybe you could give something away in exchange for an email address or a share on social. If you use this technique successfully,

it can easily lead to long-term customers and organic promotion.

How To Maximize Your Online Selling Efforts

Now you know where you can sell your products online, and you have a good idea of how to spread the word, let’s take a look at a few ways you can maximize your selling efforts:

Create A Unique Description

Every product on your site should have a unique description. The description doesn’t necessarily need to be long, unless it calls for a lot of information. Simply talk about what it is, what it does, and make it compelling. Suggest ways to use the product if possible. Make sure your copy suits your brand and voice!

Send A Follow Up Email Asking For Reviews

When somebody has made a purchase, make sure you send a follow up email a few weeks down the line asking for a review. Give an incentive for people to do this – could they win a voucher or a product from you?

Add Individual User Reviews For Products

Add individual user reviews to your products. Some sites have all of their reviews in one place, but many people prefer to read a review to the product they are looking at.

Take High Quality Photos Of Your Products

High quality, true to life images of your products are a must. Make sure you know how to take them, or hire somebody who does.

Allow People To Upload Their Own Photos

Allowing people to upload their own pictures of your products will give more social proof to them, and help people make the decision to buy. Many clothing stores do this.

Use Analytics To Monitor How People Use Your Sales Pages

Make sure you always use analytics to monitor how people are using your sales pages. How far do they scroll? What are they looking at most? Make sure you know all of these things!

Ensure Your Site Is Fast

Your site needs to be fast, or people will look elsewhere. Make sure nothing is slowing it down, such as a broken plugin.

Look At What People Are Searching For On Your Website

What are people looking for on your site? This could give you a clue as to what you can branch out into next.

Always Write A Blog

Writing a blog keeps things updated with fresh content, improves traffic and shares, as well as your SEO. Not only will you make your pages more attractive to the search engines this way, users will find them more useful.

Let People Know Who They Are Buying From

Include your own information, and perhaps a picture. People like to know who they are buying from.

Start Split Testing Product Pages

Split testing will allow you to tweak and hone things until they are perfect.

Selling your products online doesn’t have to be difficult – get started with these tips!


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