How to Use Facebook For Business Marketing

There is no hiding from Facebook or avoiding its ubiquitous presence. Every website has a Facebook ‘like’ button. And more than a billion people are using the platform every day. As a business, you can no longer ignore this type of huge consumer shift. Facebook is an ingrained part of our daily lives.
The average US consumer spends 40 minutes a day on the service. That’s an enormous amount of time that your business can capitalise on. If you haven’t already started a Facebook strategy, it’s time to log on, and take advantage. If Facebook still seems like an alien world to you, don’t worry. In this post, we’ve pulled together the most effective tricks and techniques to help you build a presence. Even if you’re starting from zero, we’ll help you get those first few followers.

Establish a business ‘page’

Facebook are all set up for business marketing and promotion. In fact, some companies and profiles have more than 100 million fans! These pages are specifically designed to reach out to your followers and connect with them. It’s a way for your customers to stay up to date with new promotions, product launches, and your regular content. Start by registering the name, uploading a profile image, and making your first status update.

Getting your first few followers

The first 100 ‘likes’ are the hardest to get! Once you get 100, the ball starts rolling, and it becomes a little easier. Facebook have a handy system for inviting your existing friends to like your new business page. Simply send an invite to anyone you think would be interested in your new company. Ask your friends and family to join, so that there are a few likes to get things going. If you work as part of a company, make sure all the employees follow the page, and ask their connections to do so too. Next, add the link to your email signature, and place a ‘like box’ on your website. Now, any visitor to your site can instantly follow you on Facebook.

Create a strategy that supports your business

Using Facebook effectively means creating the right strategy. Done correctly, Facebook will help you drive more sales, reach more customers, and raise awareness. But, that means making it a key part of your business goals. Make sure everything you do on Facebook ties into your overall strategy.

Release regular content

Now that you’ve picked up a few followers, it’s time to share content with them. After all, your Facebook page is only useful if you update it regularly. Facebook is the perfect way to share compelling content with your customers. Make fantastic video content, and encourage your followers to share it. Write a blog post and put the link on your page. Use content to drive people to your site. Most importantly, encourage sharing to reach new customers.

How to create the perfect post

Sometimes, you write a Facebook post, and no-one responds to it. Not a single ‘like’ or comment. Others, however, get tons of likes and shares. What makes it work? Our first tip is to start with a good image. Better yet, upload a Facebook video. Facebook’s algorithm is weighted towards images and video. If you use them, then more people will see your content. Then, use an intriguing line of text as the headline, and link to a great piece of content. Simple!

Facebook advertising

As well as using your Facebook page to promote the business, you can harness their advertising service. In our experience, it’s one of the most effective advert options on the internet. You can choose whether the advert is optimised to send traffic to your website, Facebook page, or somewhere else entirely. You can set the specific audience demographics, and target certain likes and dislikes.

Promoted posts

Promoted (or sponsored) posts are a specific form of Facebook advertising. You may have noticed that your posts don’t always reach all of your followers. You can ‘boost’ the reach of your post by promoting it. You set a budget, and Facebook will give your post a kick. You can choose to reach friends of your fans or another demographic entirely.

Gather customer information

One undervalued aspect of Facebook is the ability to learn more about your customers. Facebook gives you a deep insight into the people following your page. Everything from their age, location, and gender, to their passions and other interests. It’s a great way to gather more data about your customers. Use this information to tweak and refine your marketing strategy.
Thanks for reading! We hope this post gives you all the tools you need to master Facebook for businesses.

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