How to Use Linkedin for Business Marketing

LinkedIn – Social Media For Businesses

Every good businessperson knows that networking is the key to success. Forging relationships with the right people will open doors, and reveal new opportunities. Networking creates new clients, lands big contracts, and gives your company the boost it needs. It was only a matter of time before this process was repeated online.
Enter LinkedIn, the best platform for making business connections at the highest level. If Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are marketing platforms for the masses, LinkedIn is for highly targeted, business marketing. This is the place to reach the top clients and land those larger contracts. Remember, marketing isn’t just about getting in front a lot of people. It’s getting in front of the right people. LinkedIn allows you to do exactly that. Here’s how.

Complete your LinkedIn personal profile

A lot of people sign up to LinkedIn, and then fail to complete their entire profile. This is mistake number one. Your personal profile is your first impression to the business world. It’s your chance to depict a professional persona, and prove your expertise. Marketing is all about appearance. It’s about listing your selling points as quickly and simply as possible. LinkedIn gives you the perfect opportunity to do that, so get creative. Don’t think of it as a CV, think of it like an advert instead.

Complete your LinkedIn company profile

LinkedIn also allows you to build a company profile. This is your next important task, as it acts as a free marketing tool. LinkedIn’s company profiles let you upload a video, which is a fantastic recent addition. We suggest creating an introductory video, or short marketing piece. Use it to tell people about your product or services. Better yet, show them a glimpse of your company behind the scenes. Let people meet the employees working at your company, and start creating a brand identity. Your company profile is an advert for your business; use it well.

Start networking

We all know the true reason for LinkedIn’s success. It’s the ability to network like a professional! It’s never been easier to target and approach your dream client. Good LinkedIn marketing all starts by highlighting and targeting your appropriate clientele market. Find the individuals that will help take your company forward, and then pursue them. A lot of LinkedIn guides tell you to focus exclusively on people you already know. And, that’s good advice to start with. You should certainly build those connections. But, don’t be afraid to reach out and make new connections. All the best businesspeople do it. But, be personable, polite, and respectful. Introduce yourself, and find an element of common ground. Like any seasoned networker, the best approach is to build a personal connection first. Then you can start talking about business.

Pass it forward

Reciprocity is at the heart of LinkedIn. In fact, it’s at the heart of good networking. The best connections are made via mutual benefit. If you’re looking to land a new client or make a new connection, always make sure you have something to offer. Business deals are always about an exchange of services. One of the best things you can do to build trust and respect on LinkedIn is recommending someone’s services. They’ll usually do the same for you, and it will generate new leads and connections.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Good marketing is about connecting with like-minded people. It’s about finding a group of customers or clients that share your ethos and values. They want the same products and services as you. They have the same problems, and the same needs. That’s why LinkedIn groups are great. It brings thousands of like-minded people together. It’s the easiest way to find your exact target market. Join groups that share your values, and you’ve quickly unlocked the door to hundreds of potential clients.

Blogs, content, and advertising

We all know that content is at the heart of a good marketing strategy. And, it’s no different on LinkedIn. Blogs and videos go viral on LinkedIn just like they do on Facebook and YouTube. So, spend time creating compelling content, and posting it on your LinkedIn page. The admins at LinkedIn keep an eye out for great blogs, and they’ll ‘spotlight’ it. This means they’ll promote it to thousands of others on the site. It’s a great way to draw attention to you, your services, and your expertise.
LinkedIn is criminally underused when it comes to marketing. Make sure you’re not ignoring this highly effective tool in your strategy.

I hope you found this post on how to use Linkedin for business useful.

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