How To Use Twitter To Market Your Business

In this post I will explain how to use Twitter to market your business online.

A phenomenal 500 million tweets are sent every single day. It makes Twitter one of the busiest social media platforms on the planet. The microblogging site gained popularity when several high-profile celebrities joined, posting small updates and thoughts. It has since grown into a marketing monster, where some companies have made their millions.
Twitter is an unprecedented way to interact with your customers and followers. It also allows real-time updates that have changed the entire shape of the news and journalism industry. But, how exactly can it help market your business? With that much noise, can a small, local company even stand out on Twitter?
The answer is yes! You can. In fact, Twitter is one of your most powerful marketing strategies because it feels real and organic. It lets you tell a story and create a closer connection with your customers. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Understand how Twitter works

To master this social media platform, understand that it is very different to Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest. It requires a different approach. Twitter is – first and foremost – a conversational platform. It thrives off instant communication, debate, and real-time updates. It’s not just about self-promotion, it’s about engaging with people. Using it as a platform to relentlessly advertise your business won’t work. You should also realise that the majority of Twitter users are on a mobile device. So, bear that in mind when sending updates.

Choose the right name and image

Twitter is an extension of your brand identity and online presence. It must be instantly recognisable from the name, imagery, and tone of voice. Make sure it complements your other outlets. Start by choosing the right handle (name) for your business. Ideally, it should simply be your brand name. Some experts suggest using your personal name, as it encourages more engagement and interaction. If your ‘personal brand’ is important to you, then you can follow this route.

Follow the right people

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a highly reciprocal social media platform. The people you follow are just as important as the people that follow you. The first crucial element of social media marketing is listening. What are other people in your industry saying? What are the current trends? What are the new consumer habits? It’s then your job to add to this conversation and find a niche area to excel. Following others is also a fantastic way to target potential customers and clients. By identifying the leading experts in your field, you can introduce your brand and company to them. Follow and engage with the inner circle.

Position yourself as an expert

Once you’ve started to make an impact in your industry, it’s time to start dominating the conversation. You’ve listened, you’ve joined in, now it’s time to lead! A huge part of business marketing is positioning yourself as a leading expert. It’s proving to your clients and customers that you are the best in the game. Twitter can help you do that. Use the platform to show your experience and wisdom. Make predictions and comments on the industry around you. Showcase your case studies, and tweet your testimonials. Use Twitter to establish yourself.

Drive traffic to your website

Twitter doesn’t have the highest rates when it comes to driving traffic, but it still works. In particular, it drives the right people, even if it’s not massive numbers. Much like other social networks, it’s all about having a good content strategy. Creating fantastic blogs, videos, and infographics are essential for drawing customers to your site. Use Twitter to help circulate that content, and encourage sharing. Better yet, use Twitter to start a debate about your content. Make a point that sparks debate, and then take the conversation to Twitter.


We couldn’t possibly write an article about Twitter without addressing hashtags. Hashtags are Twitter’s most identifiable feature, and they can work wonders for your business. Let’s say you’ve started a debate, like we suggested above. Add a hashtag to categorise the topic. Then, if someone clicks the hashtag, they can see the entire debate play out. Hashtags are a good way to tap into current events and real-time conversations.

Communicate with customers

Twitter has quickly become a forum for customer service. Thanks to the real-time nature of Twitter, customers will tweet their problems and feedback directly to you. It’s easy to ignore this, but it’s crucial that you respond. Interact with every single person that gets in touch with you. That personal connection is the start of a positive journey that will ultimately lead to sales.
Twitter is one of our favourite marketing platforms, and we love the instant communication you get with customers. Have you embraced the little blue bird?

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to use Twitter to market your business useful.

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