List of The Best UK Web Hosting Companies

List of the best web hosting companies in the UK

In this post we share with you the top web hosting companies in the UK.

In this day and age, all businesses need a website. And, to have a website, you need a web hosting server. There are loads of different web hosting companies out there offering you different things and trying to get you to pick them as your chosen host.

So, we’ve put together a list of the best UK web hosting companies in 2017. We’ll talk you through each of them, explain a little bit about what they have to offer, and leave it up to you to decide which is the host that can boast the most! Without further ado, let’s jump into the list:


WizzHosting has an array of great features that make it one of the best hosting companies in the UK right now. To begin, it offers a completely free website builder, meaning you can set a site up in no time. To go along with this, there’s 24/7 support, and your account gets activated instantly without you having to wait around.

Servers are hosted in London, UK.

They also offer instant live chat support. If you have any questions you get an instant answer. That is a clear advantage in comparison to other hosting providers.

The standout feature at the moment is the 6 months free offer they have going on. Enter a code at checkout, and you can have your site hosted for free for half a year. As for their price plans, you’ve got a few to choose from that start at a measly £2.49 per month. There’s a plan for startups & small businesses at £3.99 per month, and their best selling plan is £6.99 per month offering unlimited bandwidth and a free domain. Then, you have the ‘Business’ plan which pretty much offers everything unlimited at £10.99 per month.

So, a lot of plans to choose from, plenty of support and great features, along with a brilliant special offer.

Hosting plans can be ordered monthly and yearly.


GoDaddy has  an extensive support system to help you out if you get stuck. One of their top features is the ability to increase your hosting capacity whenever you want. So, if you chose a package with a small capacity, you can always upgrade it without having to switch to an entirely new package deal.

As it’s the biggest company out of the lot, it also has some of the more expensive prices. Their cheapest package is £2.99 per month, and it increases to £4.99 per month after a year too. Then there’s a £4.49 package (which increases to £6.99 per month after a year) and a £6.69 one (which increases to £9.99 per month) that includes unlimited websites, a premium DNS and unmetered bandwidth. All options give you a free domain too.

Monthly hosting is advertised but you can only purchase annually.



A great benefit of this company is that every single one of their servers is based in the UK. This means they come under UK laws, and also mean that the connection is that little bit better for UK companies too. Their web hosting is known for being one of the most secure and safe options out there, as well as being incredibly reliable.

As far as packages go, there are four to choose from. The most basic package is mere £2.49 per month, but it’s pretty bare on features. The package up from it is only £2.99 per month (increases to £4.99 after the first year) but offers enough to help you start a proper business website. The price rises rapidly after this to a £6.99 (increases to £9.99 after the first year) Unlimited package with enough resources to handle 10 huge ecommerce sites. Then, if you’re looking for a proper premium hosting server, there’s a package for £14.99 a month(increases to £19.99) which includes an incredible server level performance and a 99.99% uptime.



Tthey offer hosting plans on both Linux and Windows. But, there are only three options for each. The good thing is, there’s a sale on at the moment which means you get each package for a discounted price for a year. The basic packaged is £0.99 per month (rises to £4.99), the next package up is perfect if you have one big website that needs hosting, or a couple of websites and is £3.99 per month (rises to £6.99). The final package is perfect if you have a large project to manage or need to host an online store, it’s £6.99 a month (rises to £9.99).

Monthly hosting is advertised but you have to purchase annually.

Hosting plans come with 30 days money back guarantee so that you can make up your mind and decide whether or not you like what you’ve bought. If you don’t, you can get your money back with this period.

There are plenty of great UK web hosting companies to choose from in 2017, and they each have their benefits. WizzHosting is fantastic if you want great value for money and cheap deals with instant chat support, as is 123-reg. Then, you have the other two companies that offer a top quality hosting service. Take a look at each option and decide which one is best for your business.

I hope you found this post useful on the top web hosting companies in the UK.

If you have any other suggestions please comment below.


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